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Summer, 2009

The Quarterly Newsletter of Education for Ministry Canada
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Please read the EFM Newsletter from Sewanee on their website: Newsletter EFM Sewanee


Congratulations to all our graduates, and to all our mentors and students at what is, for most of the EfM community, the end of another year. Here in the EfM Canada office we have just finished reading the Group Status Reports. This year they reflect an extra amount of enthusiasm for the program, which is in turn a tribute to everyone involved.

As you all head for a well-deserved summer break, don’t forget to pass on your enthusiasm to as many people as you can, and make sure that registrations for 2009-2010 are sent in to the office by July 15th, so Sheila can order the materials in good time.

EfM Canada Graduates May, 2009

APCI/Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior Kenneth R. Benham
Angus G. Muir - Mentor
British Columbia Janet A. Davies
Iris E. Ourom
Douglas S. Mitchell
J. Doreen Davidson
Barbara Jenks
Elisabeth Davis
Claire T. Munn
Jeannette M. Sparks
Margaret I. Wilmot - Mentor
Calgary Suzan E. Pedersen
Greta N. Baack
Gillian McNicholas
N. Julia Graham
Susan H. McCowan
Doreen Peters
Mary-Etta Tutty
Diane E. Ablett
Raymond Humphrey
Lisa M. Melton
Alethea M. Power
Charles A. Teare
Betty N. Nazdurak
Evan J. Hazell
Diana E. Savage
Darcy G. Akerman
Edmonton Patricia C. Goddard
Arlene M. C. Young
Sheila J. Clifford-Mackay
Kootenay Joanne M. Relkov
Marina D. Walsh
Pamela L. Jackson
Eileen M. Akselson
Marian E. Craft
John E. Mobbs
Elizabeth W. Truant
Pamela A. Harris
Myrna L. Secret
Jeanette D. Romeril - Mentor
Montreal Robert C. D. Callender
Janie L. Cromwell
New Westminster Loretta A. Cooper
Elizabeth Ann Holinworth
E. Jane Mackay
Janette E. Kovacs
Louella M. Thiessen
Cinda M. Herndl
Beatrice V. Smith
Susan M. McCutcheon
Jean F.M. Webb
Kelly D. Halfnights
William R. Pearson
Roberta Shepherd
Elma M. Harder
Heather L. Bergen
S. Deborah Jack
Jean B. Martin
Barbara V. Popham
Jacque A. Wills
Doreen E. Darley
Christine E. Duamel
Kay M.A. Yeo
Robert A. Rusch
Neil B. Seedhouse
Dana A.A. Dixon - Mentor
Paul W. Thiessen - Mentor
Nova Scotia & P E I Faye M. Kennedy
Sheila A. Robinson
Brenda G. Norwich
Joan M. Helpard
Kathryn F. Keddy
Gloria J. McClure-Fraser - Mentor
Ottawa Robert C. Brooks
Marsha L. Riordan
Myra Conway
Carole M. Armstrong
Spruce Riordan
Nicolette J. Bravo
Meredith G. Brophy
Carolyn G. Seabrook
Constance A. Hart
Laird J. Shutt
Andrea F. Thomas – Mentor
Qu'Appelle Brenda R. Machin
Susan H.A. Haacke
Rupert's Land Shirley Godfrey
Vivien E. Isfeld
Diane H. Havens
Toronto Lori A. Grauds
Ann James
Susan McCulloch
Western Newfoundland Kathleen M. Healey
Keith F.S. Crocker
Helen Hall

Graduation CapWith our congratulations and prayers for your ongoing ministries in church and society

Group Status Report Highlights

As I think you know by now, I read every Group Status Report, every Graduate Evaluation, and every Departure Survey. Some of them are critical of the program, but what encourages me is the growing enthusiasm for EfM, and particularly for the way in which Theological Reflection bridges the gap between theory and practice, and results in ‘working theologians’ who have discovered how to relate their faith to everyday life.

There are, of course, legitimate criticisms of the texts which, despite periodic revisions, are somewhat dated. But you also know that major revisions are on the way, and Sewanee listens to both your affirmations and your suggestions for improvement. The latest GSR's indicate a growing appreciation for Theological Reflection and its transformative possibilities (though there are still some groups which struggle with it). There is huge appreciation for mentors who facilitate real conversation, for our trainers who encourage mentors to discover and use their gifts of leadership, and for the care you show for one another. EfM is, I believe, a key instrument for the future growth of the church.

To all of you who dedicate your time and interest to developing formed and committed lay leadership for the church of today and tomorrow, I say thank you and God bless. You are a wonderful group of people!

Blessings to you all.
(Peter Davison, Director, EFM Canada)

End Notes:

Please continue to keep in your prayers Norman Knowles, as he deals with his cancer treatments. We also note in the Group Status Reports that a number of groups are dealing with members’ sickness or death. We pray for all these people, even if we do not know them all by name.


Sewanee, the University of the South is looking for a Director for the Education for Ministry Program, School of Theology Programs Center

Education for Ministry, an adult Christian education program with 8,000 active participants each year, is seeking a Director. EfM is an integral part of the School of Theology of Sewanee: The University of the South, serving lay members of the Episcopal Church and other denominations. The new Director will be an experienced and passionate leader in the church’s educational mission, have a deep and active theological education, be collaborative and visionary in leadership, an enthusiastic missionary and prudent overseer, a person of prayer and deep Christian faith.

She or he will have had personal contact with the EfM program and understand its character and mission. The Director leads and oversees every aspect of EfM, including planning, development, revision of materials, promotion, and administration. He or she will implement EfM’s forthcoming strategic plan, supervising the EfM staff at Sewanee, overseeing an annual budget of more than $3,000,000, fostering the national and international network of volunteer mentors, trainers, and coordinators, and cultivating new ways to extend EfM’s mission through technology and into new markets.

Depending on qualifications, the Director may have faculty status and teach at the School of Theology. The Director will report to the Dean of the School of Theology. The University of the South comprises a leading liberal arts college in addition to the School of Theology, a major seminary of the Episcopal Church. As an institution of the Episcopal Church, Sewanee welcomes individuals of all backgrounds. The University occupies 13,000 acres on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau.

Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. The position’s start date is flexible, but should not be after October 1, 2009. The position will remain open until filled, but only applications received by June 15, 2009, will be assured full consideration. Eligibility for employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background screening. Those interested should send a letter of application, full curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of reference to:

Teresa Smith
Human Resources Coordinator
University of the South
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, TN 37383-1000

Submission via e-mail is preferred:

The University of the South is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities and women are encouraged to apply.

Please pray for all applicants and the people responsible for choosing the new director.


See our web page for full information (On Line Course) There are still a few places available to start in September, 2009. Email Catherine Dafoe Hall:EfM Online Coordinator

EfM Canada Website

Many of you have asked where you can find additional resources for individual and group study. We recommend that you visit the EfM CANADA website, which is always being updated by one of our Trainers, Chris Ross. In addition to general information, you will find useful links, pages about and for mentors, coordinators and trainers, forms you can download, upcoming events (including training events), tips for students, contact information, and supplemental books and internet resources. You can find it at

Don't forget the Supplementary Reading list compiled by our Trainer, Patricia Bays and others. Click on the following link: Supplementary Reading List


Please click on the link to see the training events for EFM-Canada Training Events

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EFM-Canada operates across Canada as a program of the Diocese of Kootenay, under licence from the Faculty of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. The Bishop of Kootenay is the Right Reverend John Privett. The Director of EFM-Canada is the Reverend Canon Peter Davison. The Executive Coordinator of the program is Mrs. Sheila Mulgrew. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions or enquiries:

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