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Patricia Bays, one of our Trainers, with a few additions from our other Trainers and Mentors, offers the following list of helpful texts, noting they have solid academic content, but are written for a more popular market and should be available through church bookstores, Amazon,ca and other sources.

Year 1

Birch, B., Brueggemann W., others: A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament
Nashville, Abingdon Press 2005

Collins, John J: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Minneapolis, Augsburg Fortress, 2004

Countryman, William: Biblical Authority or Biblical Tyranny? The Christian Pilgrimage.
Cambridge, Cowley 1998.

Roger Ferlo: Opening the Bible.
Cambridge, Cowley 1998, New Church's Teaching Series Vol. 2

Friedman, Richard E: The Bible With Sources Revealed, A New View Into the Five Books of Moses
New York, Harper Collins, 2003

Linda Grenz: The Doubleday Pocket Bible Guide.
New York, Doubleday, 1997.

Michael Johnston: Engaging the Word.
Cambridge, Cowley 1998, New Church's Teaching Series Vol. 3

Phyllis Trible: God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality [Revised]
Augsburg Fortress, 2005

General Biblical Reference
Achtemeier: Harper Collins Bible Dictionary.

Cambridge Companion to the Bible [2nd Ed]

Eerdmans: Dictionary of the Bible, 2000

Kohlenberger: Concise Concordance to the NRSV (Oxford Press)

Mays: Harper Collins Bible Commentary

The Oxford Bible Commentary
Edited by John Barton and John Muddiman

Year 2
Raymond E. Brown: The Church the Apostles Left Behind,
New York, Paulist Press, 1984

Alan Richardson: A Theological Word Book of the Bible.
SCM Press, 1957

Burton H. Throckmorton: Gospel Parallels.
Nashville. Thomas Nelson, 1973.

Year 3
Michael Collins & Matthew Price: The Story of Christianity: A celebration of 2000 years of Faith
OUP, 1999

Rebecca Lyman: Early Christian Traditions.
Cambridge, Cowley 1999, New Church's Teaching Series Vol. 6

Diarmaid MacCulloch: Christianity, the First Three Thousand Years
Viking, 2010

Alister E. McGrath: Christian Theology, an Introduction [4th Ed.]
Oxford, Blackwell, 2007.

Alister E. McGrath (Ed): The Christian Theology Reader [3rd Ed.]
Oxford, Blackwell, 2007.

Mark McIntosh: Mysteries of the Faith
Cambridge, Cowley 1999, New Church's Teaching Series Vol. 8

Marianne Micks: Loving the Questions: An Exploration of the Nicene Creed.
Cambridge, Cowley, 1993.

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
OUP (condensed paperback edition for about $25.00)

Richard E. Rubenstein: When Jesus Became God: The Struggle to Define Christianity During the Last Days of Rome.
New York, Harcourt, 1999.

Bruce L. Shelly: Church History in Plain Language
Word Publishing, 1995

Year 4
Mark Chapman: Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction.
Oxford, 2006

Norman Knowles(ed): Seeds Scattered and Sown, Studies in the History of Canadian Anglicanism
ABC Publishing, 2008

Mary T. Malone: Women and Christianity – 3 volumes
Novalis, 2001 - 2003

Fredrica Harris Thompsett: Living With History
Cambridge, Cowley 1999, New Church's Teaching Series Vol. 5

Sykes, Booty,& Knight: The Study of Anglicanism
Fortress Press, 2004

Theological Reflection
Abigail Johnson: Reflecting with God: Connecting Faith and Daily Life in Small Groups
Alban Institute, 2004

Anthony B. Robinson: What’s Theology Got to Do with It? Convictions and Vitality in the Church
Alban Institute, 2006.

Elaine Graham, Heather Walton, & Frances Ward: Theological Reflection Methods
London, SCM Press 2005

Howard Stone & James Duke: How to Think Theologically.
Minneapolis, Fortress Press, 1996

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