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This purpose of this page is to bring to our students some specific help with their studies. There are links at the bottom of the page to our general Links page and to our Mentors page. Both of those pages have links to resources that we think will be of help to students in this programme

Critical Thinking for EfM Students

One of the ways for students to get as much as possible out of their reading is to read the text materials critically. The following list presents some simple ideas of how one might look at the readings with more discernment. There are more links on the Mentors page about Critical Thinking. Just click on the Mentors link at the bottom of this page.

Book Opening

  • Decide what you think, and why you think it. Writing out your initial ideas may clarify your thoughts.
  • Seek other views and more evidence. Make sure you examine all sides of the material presented, especially those that are contrary to your ideas. Talk to people who have expertise in the topic.
  • Evaluate the various views. Construct a chart with points that are in agreement and those that are in disagreement. Then compare this with your initial view.
  • Construct the most reasonable view. Your challenge is to develop a response you consider the most reasonable. Often this will be a combination of the information you have researched and your initial ideas.

Archived Students Page
This page has a list of study hints on it that we hope will help with your reading of the material.

Links Page
This page has links of a more general nature and about more topics.

Mentors Page
This page has some specific links that will helpful to students.

Personal Spiritual Resources
This page is a list of resources to engage and enhance one's personal spirituality compiled by EfM Mentors.

Come back and visit this page often as it will be upadated regularly with new helps and hints or students of the programme.

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