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One of the greatest theological insights of the past two decades by most denominations of the Christian Church is that every baptised person is called to the ministry of the whole people of God. The EfM programme provides people with the education and training they need to carry out that ministry.

  • EfM is the abbreviation for the Education for Ministry Programme
  • The Anglican Diocese of Kootenay, together with the former Diocese of Cariboo, introduced the programme to Canada in 1977.
  • It is a programme of theological education by extension.
  • The programme includes individual study and group theological reflection.
  • Students meet in seminar groups weekly, either in person or in an Online group.
  • Students are taught to reflect on their lives and personal ministries in the light of their growing understanding of the Holy Scriptures and the Christian Tradition.

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  • EfM originated in the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.
  • The University of the South is a theological college of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America.
  • The Diocese of Kootenay was invited, in 1985, to promote and manage the programme in all of Canada and EfM Canada was born.
  • To date EfM Canada has 1689 Graduates
  • We have 284 students in 41 active groups.
  • We have 3 Online groups and 38 Face to Face groups.
  • We have trained 888 mentors, 56 of whom are currently active.
  • A total of 3,543 students have taken all or part of the course over our 39 year history.
EfM students work with:

Students meet in weekly seminar groups led by a trained mentor, in those sessions they share their faith journeys and reflect on issues from their daily lives, and their studies.

EfM is also available On-Line, for more information about taking the course in this way click on the Link EfM On-Line.

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