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The Diocesan Coordinators are an essential part of the EfM network. They arrange regular Mentor training and other administrative matters with the Dioceses and other Judicatories. Coordinators are also the face of EfM in the diocese. We depend on coordinators to seek out new mentors (often among graduates of EfM) and to encourage registration of students.

Click on the following links to find out how to order merchandise, or our display unit and to get the Forms you will need for your work.

EfM Canada Policies 2018

EfM Forms for Coordinators

EfM Curriculum


Guidelines for Two Mentors

EfM Display Unit for Promotion

Merchandise for Promotion

The following are some of our hard working coordinators. If you wish to know more about EfM in your area please feel free to contact the person in your Diocese, or the EfM office noted below. Click on the options bar to find your Diocese.


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J. Browne
#402 - 4971 Songbird Place
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9T 6L1
Telephone: (250) 797 - 4085
E-Mail: J. Browne

Diocese of British Columbia

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C. Tubman
Anglican Diocese of Calgary
180 1209 - 59th Ave. SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2H 2P6
Telephone: (587) 320 - 1343
E-Mail: C. Tubman

Diocese of Calgary

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R. Walker
#115 10511 - 42 Avenue NW
Edmonton,  Alberta 
Telephone:(587) 523-4297 
E Mail: R. Walker

Diocese of Edmonton

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E. (Libi) Clifford
6 80 Centre Street
London, Ontario
N6J 1T5
Telephone:(519) 601 - 3307
E Mail: E. Clifford

Diocese of Huron

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J. Frost
15674 McDonagh Rd.
Oyama, British Columbia
V4V 2E7
Telephone: (250) 548 -3016
E Mail: J. Frost

Diocese of Kootenay

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N. Greene-Gregoire
1660 av Ducharme
Outremont, Quebec
H2V 1G7
Telephone:(514) 862 - 5367
E Mail: N. Greene-Gregoire

Diocese of Montreal

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P. Porter-Leggett
7986 - 111 Street
Delta, British Columbia
V4C 4N2
Telephone: (604) 329 - 8701
Email: P. Porter-Leggett

Diocese of New Westminster

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P. Davison
1 Parkside Ave.
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 2S4
Telephone: (289) 238 - 9289
Email: P. Davison

Diocese of Niagara

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D. Harrison
3252 Trafalgar Rd. RR 1
Hopewell, Nova Scotia
B0K 1C0
Telephone: (902) 923-2902
E Mail: D. Harrison

Diocese of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

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M. Lewis
20 Grove Street
Iroquois, Ontario
K0E 1K0
Telephone: (613) 340- 2837
E Mail:M. Lewis

Diocese of Ottawa

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S. Roe-Finlay
5-207 Hugo St N
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 2N1
Telephone: (204) 783 3357
E Mail: S. Roe-Finlay

Diocese of Rupert's Land

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This postion is vacant at present.

Territory of the People

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S. Watson
22 Spicer Street
Port Hope, Ontario
L1A 4J4
Telephone: (905) 885-8622
E Mail: S. Watson

Diocese of Toronto

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This position is vacant at present

Diocese of Western Newfoundland

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For further information about EfM please contact the Diocesan Coordinator in your area


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