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Fall   2008

The Quarterly Newsletter of Education for Ministry Canada
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Please read the EFM Newsletter from Sewanee on their website: Newsletter EFM Sewanee


Welcome to another year of EfM! A special welcome to those of you who are beginning the program. You are doing so at a time when many things are happening. As we put this news-letter together, both Canada and the United States are heading for the polling booths, and at a time when ‘image politics’ and the selling of the candidates seems to take precedence over serious discussion of the issues. But issues there are! The collapse of major corporations, and with them the loss of jobs and savings, clearly stems from ideological blindness and little, if any, thought for consequences. We could use some EfM graduates, skilled in theological reflection, in high places. When unfettered greed and huge salaries for incompetence have resulted in personal tragedies and social injustice, we might well ask what a systematic use of Theological Reflection might do to correct the situation! Certainly the gospels are clear that systems of domination and submission are not part of God’s plan, and piety without justice is contrary to the divine will. However we do TR, may it help us prepare for that most important rite, right, and duty of citizenship, choosing, supporting, and holding accountable those who will represent us in government. That leads us to stress yet again the centrality of Theological Reflection to our program. EfM is designed to make us ‘reflective practitioners’ of our faith, not only in our parishes, but in our homes, our jobs, and in the wider public arena. Years ago, some parishioners commented on my involvement in some fairly high profile political activity. They said, “We may not all agree with everything you say, but we feel it’s very important that you’re there.” EfM is not a cookie cutter kind of program. We will not all vote alike, but we are indeed called to be ourselves transformed, and to change the world. 

So, have a great year!


From June 30th to July 3rd, Sewanee hosted a cross-section of people, from ‘old hands’ to recent graduates, to look at where we might be headed. The need to appoint a new Director of EfM, plus the clear requirement to update the program after more than thirty years, led to this gathering. Peter Davison represented Directors from outside the USA. Ably led by Charles Kiblinger, we were well housed and fed, but worked long hours to reach some initial conclusions. A small group worked over the summer to add some more flesh to the proposals, and the group will convene to complete its task early in December.

So what might you expect? Details will be forthcoming in the New Year, but you can anticipate a celebration of EfM’s durability – few, if any, programs have thrived for thirty years or more, so we will be building on our success. There is however, a need to make the texts more readable and attractive to 21st century readers. There will also be a broader view of church history, including not only the eastern churches, but contemporary ecumenical developments and an awareness of interfaith issues in today’s world. Issues and choices will be seen in a more international perspective, and Sewanee is very aware of the need to ‘enculturate’ EfM in the other countries which make up the EfM family.

Finally, the initial success of EfM Online suggests the possibility of rapid growth via use of the internet. Look for details over the next few months.


On October 4th, EfM UK celebrated twenty years with a service and gathering at Birmingham Cathedral. While we were unable to join the EfM UK community for the festivities, Peter Davison sent this letter of greetings and congratulation:

Dear Friends:

On behalf of the EfM community in Canada, let me extend our congra-tulations, prayers and best wishes as you gather to celebrate twenty years of EfM in the United Kingdom. Like you, we are much smaller than the EfM community in the USA; and, like you, we benefit from the vision which brought EfM into being in the first place, and the resources Sewanee brings to bear on the whole programme around the world.  At the same time we face three distinct challenges. One is distance: our fifty-odd groups are spread from coast to coast – a distance of some four thousand miles. A second is our desire to see EfM in all our dioceses – at the moment about half actively support it. And a third is enabling EfM to function as a Canadian programme. Yes, contrary to what some ‘across the pond’ might think, our culture, both politically and religiously, is quite different from that to the south of us, and our own church history is distinct from that of the Americans. At our international Directors’ meeting last year in Woking we were able to discuss some of these issues, of which Sewanee is very much aware.

I have been privileged to take part in the strategic planning process at Sewanee this past summer, and will be at our second session in December. We have been able to celebrate that EfM has promoted lay ministry for over thirty years, and continues to do so. At the same time, we look forward to presenting the materials in a new and more accessible format, recognising the diversity of EfM around the world, and promoting EfM Online as a means of bringing thousands more into the program. We anticipate real growth.

EfM Canada hopes EfM UK will receive the support it deserves from all the dioceses of the Churches of England, Scotland and Wales, and that your celebration will mark the beginning of renewed growth for you. Congratulations on what you have achieved, and may you be blessed in your future endeavours.

Yours in Christ,

EfM Canada Website

Many of you have asked where you can find additional resources for individual and group study. We recommend that you visit the EfM CANADA website, which is always being updated by one of our Trainers, Chris Ross. In addition to general information, you will find useful links, pages about and for mentors, coordinators and trainers, forms you can download, upcoming events (including training events), tips for students, contact information, and supplemental books and internet resources. You can find it at


APCI: Susan Hutchison, Allan Leake, Angus Muir
BRITISH COLUMBIA: Mary Alford, Annette Cowan, Lynne Downes, Elizabeth Fussell, Wendy Hanington, Caroline Hoon, Robert Hutchison, Marcia McMenamie, Peggy Wilmot
CALGARY: Roy Darcus, Norman Knowles, Loyd Rodway, Jennifer Solem
EDMONTON: June Miller, Bob Peel, Susan Storey, Jim Tyerman, Stephen Hallford
KOOTENAY: Jane Frost, Catherine Hall, Douglas Lewis, Art Martens, Jeannette Romeril, Christine Ross, Joanne Simpson, Richard Simpson, Cathy Straume, Emily Turgeon
MONTREAL: Karen Chalk, Mark Rogers
NEW WESTMINSTER: Camilla Amundsen, Anne Anchor, Mary Brown, Roger Cooper, Linda de Marco, Dana Dixon, Melody Goguen, Kim Hodge, David Koe, Margaret McAvity, Eileen Nurse, Paula Porter Leggett, Kimberley Prokopchuk, Sharon Salomons, Bev Saumier, Trudi Shaw, Maureen Simons, Paul Thiessen, Jane Turner, Kellie Warnock
NOVA SCOTIA & P.E.I.: Walter Beazley, Debra Burleson, Kathryn Cook, David Fletcher, Carl Fraser, Louise MacHardy, Gloria McClure-Fraser, Janet Mortimer
OTTAWA: Sheldon Carr, Carol Kauk, Wayne Kauk, Richard Marples, Pat Martin, David McCreery, William Passmore, Linda Privitera, Marion Stalter, Andrea Thomas
QU’APPELLE: Blair Dixon,  Karen McBride.
RUPERT’S LAND: Norman Collier, Susan Roe-Finlay, Pamela Whyte
TORONTO: Sr. Peta-Ann Jackson, Carol Kysela

We are growing! Help us to continue this by promoting EfM in your parish and community!


Please click on the link to see the training events for EFM-Canada Training Events


Fourteen Mentor Training Events were held this year in Qu’Appelle, Montreal, Rupert’s Land, Calgary, British Columbia, Kootenay, Ottawa, Edmonton, New Westminster, Western Newfoundland and Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island at which 61 mentors were certified and 50 were re-certified.

Ever wished you could do EfM online? Now you can! With unique software at EfM in Sewanee, Tennessee, we can now have online groups. Specially trained mentors can host a discussion board where students can comment on the readings and have discussions with other members. Groups meet in real time online where mentors can lead theological reflection. It really works! You must have a good computer and a high speed connection. More information on our EfM website or email our Online Coordinator for Canada, Catherine Hall at

Don't forget the Supplementary Reading list compiled by our Trainer, Patricia Bays. Click on the following link: Supplementary Reading List

Ever wished you could have a cool EfM Canada tote bag? Want to be the hit of your group with an EfM coffee mug? How about some unique EfM poetry magnets? Costs will be about $20 for that tote bag to carry your books, or simply shop green and promote EfM: a mug about $10; and the poetry magnets about $3. Production as soon as we get enough expressions of interest to our Executive Coordinator, Sheila Mulgrew – email:

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EFM-Canada operates across Canada as a program of the Diocese of Kootenay, under licence from the Faculty of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. The Bishop of Kootenay is the Right Reverend John Privett. The Director of EFM-Canada is the Reverend Canon Peter Davison. The Executive Coordinator of the program is Mrs. Sheila Mulgrew. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions or enquiries:

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