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This page contains the information about the Education for Ministry's exciting curriculum. Please read through the material we have posted on this page and then send any questions you may have about the reading materials to the EfM Canada Office and we will be glad to direct them to the person best suited to answer them.

The fee for the year is $350 for a student in a sponsoring diocese. {EfM Online is considered to be part of a Sponsoring Diocese, so the fee for Online students is also, $350.00.} This fee will include the cost of the Reading and Reflection Guide, and its shipping costs, the mentor fee, texts for the mentor(s), the graduation certificate and support and resources from EfM Canada. Students are expected to purchase their own text books and interlude books from their preferred bookseller, prior to the beginning of their class. One of the advantages to the student will be the ability to choose new books, used books, borrowed books or E-books according to their own preference and need.

Each of the four years of the EfM programme has been given an alphabetical designation:

A new Reading and Reflection Guide for Year B, revised to include assignments appropriate to the current reading texts, and new Interlude texts for exploring the theme of Living Faithfully in a Global Village. The RRG will be produced in Canada. It will support the work of the whole group and it will be supplied to each student, by EfM Canada, when he/she is registered in a group.

Things to note in the Reading Assignments:

The core value of EfM is Theological Reflection and continuous learning about how to live what we believe in our daily life and work . There will be Theological Reflection in most sessions, and other common lessons and exercises, all done in a small group study format, once per week, with a mentor or mentors, Mentors will receive regular training to deepen their skills in group leadership and theological reflection. EfM, we are condifdent, will be transformational for participants.

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