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Registration Forms

The newly revised forms for Student and Mentor Registration are now on the website, go to our HOME page and click on the Registration 2019 - 2020 link. Please read the instructions carefully, these forms cannot be filled out on-line, you must download them to your computer and fill them out there. Please destroy any old forms that you may have and use these new forms. Thank you for your assistance in this. We have revised the forms using the feedback from Mentors and Students all over the country. We hope they will answer all your registration needs and questions. Please let the EfM Canada Office know if you have any problems with the forms.

Coordinator's Request for Training Form

There is a new Request for Training Form on our Website on the Forms page. It has a newly revised list of Formation Events available in Canada. Here is the link: Forms Page

Mentor Training Schedule

There is list of the Mentor Trainings booked for 2020, posted on the website at this link. Training Events Please check to see where there might be a training event in your area.

Supplemental Reading List

The Supplemental Reading List page has been updated with a number of new and we hope, helpful, extra reading material. Please, have a look. If you have any suggestions for books or websites that you think might be helpful for others in the programme, please send an Email to the Webmaster.

New Textbooks

The list for the textbooks being used in the 2019- 2020 academic year are now posted on the site, on the Registration Page, note please, there are two new Interlude texts for Year C. You can also click on this link Curriculum and click the link entitled Text Book List Year C.

Office Hours

The EfM Canada office hours are: Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:30am to 4:30pm.

EfM Tote Bags

Need something to carry your books to class? Click here, Merchandise Page, to see a picture and description of the new EfM Tote Bag and the EfM Magnet sets, now being offered for sale.

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