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EfM is always growing and evolving. This page has a new process for doing Spiritual Autobiographies and a new process for doing Theological Reflection. Both of these processes were developed here in Canada by Canadian Trainers with the help of Trainers from the Trainers network in the United States. Please use them as you wish and send any feedback about them to the EfM Office. If you find either or both processes helpful, please add them to your CLSM so you have a permanent copy.

Spiritual Autobiography based on the Baptismal Covenant

The introduction to this method of Autobiography says:

"In the baptismal rite, we enter into a covenant that has a series of commitments that are lifelong and compelling, and that describe a way of life that is liturgical, reconciling, evangelistic, compassionate and concerned. This method of Spiritual Autobiography invites you to use the questions in the baptismal covenant to reflect on your own life and ministry. Ministry is the exercising of gifts given to us by God. Indeed, part of the work of an EfM seminar is the discernment of these gifts and encouragement of one another in expressing gifts for ministry. According to the catechism of the Episcopal Church, the ministry of the baptized is 'to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be; and, according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christís work of reconciliation in the world; and to taketheir place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church.' (BCP p. 855)"

Click on the link to see the process Spiritual Autobiography

Theological Reflection Beginning with Film

The introduction to this method of Theological Reflection says:

"This method of TR has been designed to meet the particular needs of groups who are wanting to engage theological reflection beginning from a movie, video, or television show (or episdoe). The design is intended to raise particular quetions about the group's engagement with the movie/video/television episode and draw connections to the larger theological themes. It is provided as an alternative to adapting the Reflection Beginning with a Text from Culture or Tradition (CLSM 2-2-(2)). A movie is not "just entertainment". It is a text that can be examined critically and interpreted and understood at many levels. This method was developed at the Canadian Training of Trainers, August 2005. Revised August 2007.

Click on the link to see the process TR Beginning with Film

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