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September 2007

The Quarterly Newsletter of Education for Ministry Canada
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EFM Growing in Canada

EFM continues to attract new students, making up for the loss of numbers through graduation. Registrations for the New Year beginning this September have matched the numbers leaving the program. On top of this, we have had expressions of interest in several dioceses not currently sponsoring groups. In June we had a strategically located booth just outside the plenary hall at General Synod in Winnipeg. Diocese of Rupert’s Land Co-ordinator Cathy Mondor and her crew set up the display, which was staffed by Peter Davison from Monday to Friday, assisted by Cathy Clow on the Wednesday, and by other volunteers for the remainder of Synod. We were able to give brochures and copies of the Spring Newsletter to almost every delegate. Our Lutheran brothers and sisters, meeting simultaneously, took a number of copies for distribution to their National Synod delegates. We hope these contacts will contribute to the growth of EFM in Canada. Meanwhile, we encourage all members of the EFM community to promote the program in your parishes and dioceses.

Training Of Trainers Seton House, Kelowna, BC

A successful Training of Trainers event was held at Seton House, Kelowna from August 20 - 25. Our five active Canadian trainers participated, along with three from the United States. They were, David Fletcher (Nova Scotia), Patricia Bays (Ottawa), Norman Knowles (Calgary), Catherine Hall (Kootenay), and Chris Ross (Kootenay), with Johnna Camp (EFM Director, Sewanee, TN), Virginia McNeely (Sacramento, CA) and Casey Longwood (Portland, OR).

Sheila Mulgrew and Peter Davison met with the trainers for half a day on the Friday. Issues surrounding the quality of Theological Reflection were discussed, along with implications of differing mentor styles. A number of things were affirmed:

  • The role of the mentor is not to be a lecturer but to encourage a group process which enables all participants both to learn and to contribute together.
  • Theological Reflection (TR) is the core of the program, not something to be done as an add-on.
  • The group norms which are negotiated at the beginning of each year (and perhaps revised from time to time) should include a commitment to regular practice of TR.
  • Mentors are expected to engage in In-service Training or a Formation Event annually (not every 18 months or every other year).
  • The number of active trainers is to be increased to ensure that sufficient events are available, and dates will be published well ahead to enable mentors to book the time.
  • Training fees will be payable in advance, and not refunded in the case of no-shows unless urgent circumstances are the cause.
  • Provide more support for Diocesan Coordinators in their roles in organising training events and providing support to EFM groups.

The week concluded with all participants being re-certified as trainers, and with a celebratory dinner at the Gray Monk Winery nearby, hosted by Administrative Council members and their spouses.

Elaine Graham to Visit Western Canada in April

Elaine Graham is a rising lay theologian in the United Kingdom, and the Samuel Ferguson Professor of Social and Pastoral Theology at the University of Manchester. At the invitation of EFM Canada, she will spend two weeks in western Canada in April. She is expected to meet with theological students in Vancouver, deliver a public lecture, have a day with the EFM community on the Saturday, and preach on the Sunday. This will be followed by a private visit to Calgary, but there are some hopes of an evening event there. She will then fly into the Okanagan for the second weekend of her visit, which will be from April 1st-15th.

Professor Graham is one of the leaders in the emergence of “Practical Theology” as a significant discipline in its own right. With Heather Walton and Frances Ward, she is the author of two volumes on Theological Reflection, published by SCM Press. A detailed schedule will be published towards the end of the year.

EFM Event in Edmonton

As anticipated in the last newsletter, a successful EFM reunion was held in Edmonton on the weekend before General Synod. Our own distinguished lay theologian, Patricia Bays, gave talks on current movements within Anglicanism at home and abroad, and provided much appreciated light on the current state of the church. She preached on the Sunday morning at our host church of St. Augustine’s, where additional highlights of the service were an EFM graduation, a farewell to mentor Paul Robinson, and a moving mimed eucharistOur thanks to our hosts who provided such wonderful hospitality for this and to Patricia Bays for her lucid and inspiring talks.


Please click on the link to see the training events for EFM-Canada Training Events

There have been some “no-shows” at training events. We know some of these were due to unforeseeable circumstances, but others occurred without notice to the Trainer and Coordinator. “No-shows” affect both the planning and the training process, as each event is designed for the group registered. Coordinators also have to arrange for accommodation and meals. “No-shows” cause considerable inconvenience and unrecoverable costs. Participants are expected to arrive on time and stay for the whole event. Certification cannot be granted for only partial attendance.


The efm-canada website offers suggestions about easily accessible and downloadable materials that can meet a number of your group’s needs. Please note the new website address www.efmcanada.ca

Of special note is the Supplementary Reading list compiled by our Trainer, Patricia Bays. Click on the following link: Supplementary Reading List

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EFM-Canada operates across Canada as a program of the Diocese of Kootenay, under licence from the Faculty of Theology, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. The Bishop of Kootenay is the Right Reverend John Privett. The Director of EFM-Canada is the Reverend Canon Peter Davison. The Executive Coordinator of the program is Mrs. Sheila Mulgrew. Please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions or enquiries:

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