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What Trainers want Coordinators to know.

In order to be accredited a mentor must attend the entire training. There is no flexibility to allow a mentor to plan to leave for part of the training for any reason.

The training is 18 contact hours. That means 18 hours apart from meals but including the group's worship. The trainer must have control of the agenda for all of the 18 hours. There is no time for 'extras' like attending the local church service or meetings with the wider EfM community.

However, a trainer may be able to make arrangements to remain for a special event that takes place before or after the training itself. A post-training meeting with the wider EfM community, the local Bishop, Programme Officer or the Coordinator can sometimes be arranged if the trainer knows long enough in advance.

Trainers need to get a good night's rest after each part of the training. Generally this means a private room with a good bed and a bath. If a trainer is billeted in someone's home the hosts should understand that the trainer has minimum time for visiting.

The facilities for training are what you would need for a meeting. The trainer needs a space that is adequately heated and well ventilated. It should have comfortable chairs (different kinds for different backs if possible), at least one table, and a flip chart with lots of newsprint or a white board and some newsprint too. Appropriate markers that are fresh with a variety of colours and masking tape will also be needed. Please ensure that there are copies of the BAS and a hymn book for all members of the group to assist in preparing worship.

Coffee, tea, water and snacks for the breaks should be available in the meeting room or near it. Make sure you tell the trainer what the plans are for meals and what time they are will be served. Meals should be in a different room from the training room, if possible.

Coordinators should be on hand for the opening session of the training to hand out manuals and collect money. If you as coordinator cannot be there in person please delegate someone from the local EfM community. Trainers should not be expected to collect money or hand out materials.

There should be no visitors to a training apart from the coordinator as arranged with the trainer. If anyone wants to visit a part of the training please discuss it with the trainer assigned.

Who will the trainer be?

Trainers are assigned by EfM Canada and you should not attempt to contact a trainer directly to arrange a training event. Trainers, like mentors, are accredited after a week-long training and must be re-accredited on the same cycle as mentors, so the EfM Canada office will make the decision as to which trainer will be sent to a given training.

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